Values, Vision & Mission

Customer Orientation

Being the best possible partner for our customers, to change patient's lives for the better

Continuous Learning

Striving to improve endlessly, where personal and professional growth go hand in hand


We live up to our promises, with a foundation based on trust and honesty


Providing unsurpassed products with life-changing value


Because the status quo is never good enough


Pursuing our goals with full commitment, while enjoying the road


As thought leader, VIVOLTA is setting the worldwide standard for electrospun nanofiber-based medical devices, tissue engineering products and drug delivery systems. Utilizing its fully automated MediSpin® technology platform, production of VIVOLTA’s solutions is both reproducible and scalable.


VIVOLTA offers both the MedTech and Pharma industry ground-breaking nanofiber-based solutions that guide the body to heal itself. We enable patients, suffering from an impaired quality of life, due to congenital defects, trauma or aging, to benefit from the most innovative and sustainable medical solutions.