Drug Delivery

VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology provides a powerful, tunable drug delivery platform for safe, controlled, and localized delivery of pharmaceuticals through fully resorbable nanofiber-based implants.

Although many diseases are effectively managed and treated with pharmaceuticals, the high toll of systemic drug exposure and associated negative side-effects could be avoided by targeted, localized, controlled delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  Advanced nanofiber-based drug delivery solutions can control the rate and duration of drug release locally in the body, thereby reducing the necessary dose as well as systemic exposure in the body. These local drug delivery solutions lead to more effective disease treatment in combination with reduced negative side-effects.

VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology facilitates the development of next generation drug delivery systems. VIVOLTA’s nanofiber technology and polymer expertise creates a toolbox for the design of specific drug eluting profiles.  Electrospun nanofibers can be precisely loaded with APIs during the production process, creating unique opportunities for localized and controlled drug delivery solutions. Because electrospun nanofiber-based structures stimulate new blood vessel- and healthy tissue formation, local drug delivery to the targeted tissue of interest is maximized. As a results, it will reduce the total dose necessary to treat the disease. Moreover, resorbable nanofiber implants are not encapsulated in the body by scar tissue, thereby facilitating optimal drug release profiles.

Electrospun nanofibers can be loaded with a wide variety of APIs including antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, anti-scarring agents, antineoplastic agents, immunosuppressives, growth factors, cytokines, genes (DNA and RNA), and enzymes for controlled and localized delivery to target sites.


VIVOLTA is actively seeking partnerships to co-develop ground-breaking solutions for controlled drug delivery solutions. For more information, please contact our business development team.


VIVOLTA’s platform can revolutionize the standard of care in advanced drug delivery areas including cancer, contraception, and pain medication.

For example, general pain medication, administered systemically after general surgery, is associated with several potential side effects such as insusceptibility, off-site effects and addiction. Many pain conditions would suffice with only local pain medication, without the need of systemic exposure. VIVOLTA’s nanofiber platform can be engineered to create resorbable implants capable of delivering local sustained doses of pain medication, often in conjunction with tissue repair. These innovations would greatly reduce both the amount of required pain medication and the chance of systemic side effects, such as addiction and decreased cognition.

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