Tissue Engineering

VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology offers the possibility to mimic the architecture of human extracellular matrix (ECM) – the natural environment of cells in the body. Electrospun nanofibers possess similar dimensions as the native structure of the ECM. Because of this similarity including high porosity, the body’s native cells can infiltrate into the structure and populate nanofiber-based devices and create natural tissue. Furthermore, complications such as extensive inflammation and -scar tissue formation can be minimized.

Due to these unique properties, nanofiber-based tissue engineering devices can be applied in a broad range of medical applications, especially for soft tissue repair. Applications range from cardiovascular implants, to nerve repair devices, advanced wound dressing, ophthalmology solutions, and dental implants.

VIVOLTA has ample experience in the field of development and manufacturing of electrospun nanofiber-based medical devices. VIVOLTA is poised to bring these products to the global market through its breakthrough technology platform, the MediSpin®. This industrial medical electrospinning production platform is the first of its kind to offer fully automated, large-scale manufacturing of high-quality nanofiber-based medical products for clinical use. Based on the MediSpin® technology platform, production is both consistent and reproducible.


VIVOLTA is actively seeking partnerships to co-develop state-of-the-art solutions for medical devices and tissue engineering products. For more information, please contact our business development team.


One of our exciting application areas of our nanofiber-based technology is nerve repair. Peripheral nerve injuries result in motor- and sensory loss affecting thousands of patients annually. However, conventional surgical strategies for functional repair are very limited. VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology can create nanofiber-based devices to support and guide nerve repair after injury.

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