Women’s Health

VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology will revolutionize the underserved field of Women’s Health by providing life-changing solutions for pelvic organ prolapse, uterine disorders, and breast reconstruction.

VIVOLTA’s cutting edge nanotechnology – medical electrospinning – creates solutions that guide the body to heal itself. The electrospun nanofibers, though invisible to the naked eye, support cells as a scaffold and induce the natural healing processes. After introduction in the body, electrospun nanofibers are recognized as the body’s own and minimize scar tissue formation as they stimulate healthy tissue restoration. Meanwhile, the nanofibers are safely resorbed by the body over time as the entire scaffold is replaced by natural tissue.

Because electrospun nanofibers resemble the natural tissue environment of the human body, nanofiber-based devices can be used to guide wound healing and rebuild healthy tissue. For example, they can be applied following mastectomy providing the solution for breast reconstruction. VIVOLTA’s nanofiber technology can also be applied to treat pelvic organ prolapse, avoiding major complications such as infection, encapsulation, and erosion as a result of the regenerative and resorbable properties of breakthrough nanofiber-based solutions.


VIVOLTA is actively seeking partnerships to co-develop medical devices and controlled drug delivery systems for Women’s Health. Fields of interest are in urogynecology, breast reconstruction, aesthetics, contraception, infertility and various female-specific cancers including breast, uterine, ovarian and cervical cancer. For more information, please contact our business development team.


Breast reconstruction is one of the biggest unmet needs in Women’s Health. Currently, there are no true tissue engineering therapies commercially available in this area. Current breast reconstruction products are generally made from human cadaver skin or bulk bioinert polymers, neither of which can be fully remodeled by the body nor stimulate healthy tissue rebuilding. Instead, these products are often associated with infection, fibrotic encapsulation, and painful, internal scar tissue formation. This highlights a huge opportunity for nanofiber-based medical devices to provide a ground-breaking, safe and effective solution, helping women overcome trauma from mastectomy after breast cancer. Through its MediSpin® production platform, VIVOLTA will be the first to offer commercial scale production of fully resorbable, electrospun medical products for breast reconstruction, with the quality and consistency required by the medical industry.

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