Mechanism of Action

VIVOLTA creates the smallest fibers with the biggest impact. Our nanofiber-based technology changes patients’ lives by helping the body to heal itself. Leveraging our nanofiber-based solutions and their ability to stimulate the body’s own healing capacity, we rebuild and cure damaged tissues while minimizing complications.

Our nanofiber-based solutions are produced through a process called medical electrospinning. This technology creates fibers on a micro- and nano-scale invisible to the naked eye. These fibers mimic the natural environment of cells in the body, the extracellular matrix (ECM).  Based on this resemblance, cells recognize the nanofibers as the body’s own, and respond with tissue healing rather than rejection. Because of this, nanofiber-based medical devices are fully integrated and eventually resorbed by the body. Simultaneously, healthy tissue is formed and complications such as extensive or chronic inflammation, scar tissue formation,  and pain, commonly seen with conventional implants, are minimized.

For the development of these ground-breaking medical solutions, VIVOLTA is a full-service partner through the entire process from concept to commercial phase. Through co-development partnerships, we are dedicated to bring our partners’ vision of the next generation medical therapies into reality based on our deep expertise in consistent and reproducible medical electrospinning. Toward this end, VIVOLTA’s MediSpin® – world’s first fully automated, commercial scale medical electrospinning production platform – is the pillar of our approach. The VIVOLTA team is a strongly inspired, highly motivated and multidisciplinary group of expert engineers, application scientists, and business developers, devoted to make your idea come to life.

With our ISO 13485 certification, ISO Class 5-7 cleanrooms and state-of-the-art laboratory, we support your medical device development starting from an initial idea to (pre-) clinical evaluation and manufacturing at commercial scale. Furthermore, we have access to GMP-certified cleanrooms, allowing for production of nanofiber-based drug delivery solutions. As such, the quality of the production process is ensured. We are dedicated to help our customers to bring their ground-breaking medical devices, tissue engineering products and drug delivery solutions to the clinic safely and with the shortest possible time-to-market.