Our MediSpin® Platform

Over the last decade, VIVOLTA has developed its state-of-the-art medical electrospinning technology resulting in the development of the MediSpin® production platform. The MediSpin® is the first medical electrospinning platform capable of producing nanofiber-based solutions with the quality, consistency and scalability required by the MedTech and Pharma industries.

The MediSpin® platform offers fully-automated, continuous production of nanofiber-based devices and is superior to conventional roll-to-roll systems in both quality and throughput. Using the MediSpinâ production platform, the structure of the electrospun fibers is carefully controlled in a climatized chamber, thus ensuring the quality of the medical product. Device manufacturing is carried out through a continuous, automated process suitable for global commercial scale. The innovations incorporated in the MediSpin® production platform are protected by seven patent families. Importantly, the MediSpin® platform meets the guidelines described in the first ASTM standard for fiber-based medical scaffolds (F3519-21), which VIVOLTA co-authored.

VIVOLTA’s cutting-edge technology platform enables us to bring nanofiber-based medical solutions to the global market and change patients’ lives.

VIVOLTA is actively seeking partnerships to leverage its state-of-the-art MediSpin® medical electrospinning platform for the production of new and existing medical products.  For more information, please contact our business development team.

Business Development
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