New collaboration VIVOLTA & STENTiT

VIVOLTA has entered into a collaboration with Dutch medical device company STENTiT, to join forces in the further development and production of regenerative endovascular support grafts. These resorbable fibrous implants hold the promise to rebuild a new blood vessel inside the existing artery, by exploiting the natural healing response of the body.

VIVOLTA’s technological solutions enable the manufacturing of innovative devices like STENTiT’s endovascular support grafts, which are aimed to mimic the natural human extracellular matrix for implants in the human body in nanometer and micrometer format. Human cells rebuild these matrices leading to new body tissue. This is in contrast to implants of traditional structures, which are seen as foreign and therefore can lead to scar tissue formation or rejection phenomena.

STENTiT is an emerging player in the field of regenerative medical devices, offering a breakthrough solution for cardiovascular interventions developing first-of-its-kind regenerative endovascular blood vessel implants. Using a catheter-based approach, it provides the ability to restore the artery without the need for an invasive surgical intervention. The aim is to ultimately restore the affected artery from the inside-out to provide a life-lasting solution.

Bart Sanders, CEO of STENTiT, says:

“We are thrilled to join forces with VIVOLTA to further optimize our fibrillated endovascular implants. VIVOLTA is a highly innovative and leading company in the field of Medical Electrospinning, for which I’m confident that together we will spur the development of a superior and reproducible product, while getting STENTiT ready to scale.”

Judith Heikoop, CEO of VIVOLTA, adds:

“We are extremely proud to expand our collaborations with a promising company like STENTiT. VIVOLTA develops medical devices in close collaboration with an ever-growing portfolio of customers and partners worldwide within the industry, the scientific environment, hospitals and medical institutes. This collaboration is testimony to our strategic goal to become a trusted partner worldwide in co-developing electrospun medical devices that will cause a revolution in the industry and will enable tissue rebuilding.”


Stentit from Stentit on Vimeo.

New collaboration VIVOLTA & STENTiT