VIVOLTA is Challenger50 of 2020

VIVOLTA has been nominated as Challenger50, one of the 50 most innovative and fast growing Dutch companies of 2020 by Sprout. We are extremely grateful for this recognition and strive to keep growing and innovating.

In our field of medical technology, the start-up phase of a business is extensive. For over ten years, we have been working on developing and optimizing our medical electrospinning equipment. We have grown from Ramon Solberg’s figments of imagination in 2008 into a world leader in medical electrospinning. With the arrival of Judith Heikoop in 2018, we were ready for a major scale-up.

Game-changing technology

VIVOLTA’s nano-technology is a definite game-changer in the field of medical devices. The medical devices made using our cutting-edge medical electrospinning equipment resemble the natural environment of cells in the human body in architecture and size-scale. Because of this resemblance, the devices are very well received by the body and inflammation and scar tissue formation are minimized, as compared to traditional medical devices that are still commonly used. Introduced into the body, cells start infiltrating and degrading the nano-fibrous device and in time the electro-spun structure is completely replaced by natural tissue. This way of helping the body to heal itself, has been widely recognized and VIVOLTA is currently collaborating with prominent MedTech and Pharma partners worldwide.

Boosting innovation

VIVOLTA’s technology is unique and it’s applications for medical solutions are extensive. Over the past few years, VIVOLTA has been receiving various boosts that confirm the need for our innovations and technology and keep us motivated to grow even further. One of these boosts was the capital injection of €3million we received from Dutch VCs Borski Fund, Lumana Invest, TIIN Capital and Rabobank earlier this year. This nomination as a Challenger50 is definitely a major recognition of our work as well.

VIVOLTA is Challenger50 of 2020