Guiding the body to heal itself

VIVOLTA develops breakthrough bioresorbable medical devices, tissue engineering products and drug delivery solutions. Using our cutting-edge MediSpin® production platform, we provide nanofiber-based solutions to address unmet clinical needs and change patients’ lives.

Women’s Health

Nanofiber-based medical solutions are a genuine game changer in the field of Women’s Health and will provide life-changing solutions for women suffering from diseases with yet unmet clinical needs. Partner up with VIVOLTA to develop next-generation Women’s Health solutions at commercial scale. [learn more]

Drug Delivery

Overcome adverse effects of systemic drug delivery and treat diseases locally with VIVOLTA’s nanofiber-based technology. Our experts help you develop powerful, tunable drug delivery solutions for safe, controlled and localized delivery of existing APIs through fully resorbable nanofiber-based implants. [learn more]

Tissue Engineering

Nanofiber-based technology can be used for a broad range of applications in soft tissue repair, regeneration and restoration. We support your development of ground-breaking medical devices, ranging from cardiovascular to dental implants, nerve repair devices, advanced wound dressing and ophthalmology solutions. [learn more]