Guiding the body to heal itself

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Who We Are

We are a client-centric company committed to helping our partners develop and manufacture breakthrough electrospun medical products that guide the body to heal itself. Solving our clients’ unique product design challenges and improving patients’ lives is what drives us.

What We Do

We deliver a full suite of solutions from concept design to large-scale manufacturing of electrospun medical products – both medical devices and drug delivery systems.  Our fully automated  MediSpinTM production platform makes high-volume, highly quality manufacturing a commercial reality.

Latest News

30 November 2023
VIVOLTA Strengthens Leadership Team with New CEO and New Chairman
26 October 2023
Avelo, VIVOLTA, and BLINK win €1.5M Eurostars grant to develop new solution for diagnosing lower respiratory tract infections
10 October 2023
VIVOLTA presents at Biointerface 2023
13 June 2023
VIVOLTA secures €7 million in new funding
Biomechanical properties close up view.

Learn more about medical electrospinning and the functional benefits it can add to your new or existing product design

Biomechanical properties.

Medical electrospinning is a versatile manufacturing process capable of achieving a wide range of design requirements